About Us

Govan Consulting, LLC is the result of many years of business experience in a variety of industries. That varied exposure to business gave rise to the recognition that while there are unique aspects to every vertical market, the underlying business processes and change management processes are common to all.

Successful businesses create and maintain optimal business processes to support strategic directions, and optimize both organizational structures and enabling technologies to support those processes. When all these components are working well together, productivity can be maximized.

Businesses are created and evolve within dynamic marketplaces. Even the best-planned business will not remain successful over time in a static state due to both internal and external pressures. Productivity is an ongoing process, not an end result.

Govan Consulting, LLC addresses your need to actively plan and optimize business processes, organizational structures, and technology investments for optimal productivity. We can help you to plan and manage changes needed for continuing growth and success. We help businesses navigate potentially turbulent waters of change to successfully reach their desired destination. Contact Govan Consulting, LLC to help you get the job done.

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