Corporate Background

A number of factors came together to create Govan Consulting, LLC. The consultancy was formed from a desire to help businesses navigate the complexities of growth and change while improving their productivity. Through years of industry exposure and continuing advancement, there was always an underlying drive to participate in the decision process to improve the business outcomes of decisions made. There was also a need for challenges to be found in the complexities of continually entering new businesses, new industries, and new business models. And there was a drive to provide quality results and lasting improvements in the businesses.

Working ever more closely with clients in various consulting, integrator, and vendor roles, and with a little push from the economy, Govan Consulting, LLC was formed. It started as a Unit of One, with an available "cast of thousands" to provide any additional specific talents required to meet and exceed customer expectations while providing clients with a single source solution for their business issues.

Contact Govan Consulting, LLC to help you navigate turbulent waters of productivity improvement.


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