Business Process Management

"The most successful businessman is the man who holds onto the old just as long as it is good, and grabs the new just as soon as it is better."
-- Lee Iacocca

Enterprises are driven by and organized around business processes. Business processes are interdependent systems of manual and automated activities that create value and connect the customer with the enterprise. Process activities are also the point where the majority of resources (dollars, hours, etc.) are consumed. They are given direction through business and strategic planning, and are supported by organizational structures and technology investments. The following graphic depicts this relationship.

As business is conducted in a dynamic environment, over time business processes begin to include activities that are inefficient, outdated, or redundant. Management processes need periodic review and adjustment to assure continuing alignment with business plans and marketplace dynamics.

Pressures from external sources such as competition, the marketplace and regulatory agencies can force changes to business processes. Pressures from internal sources, such as growth and shifts in strategic direction can also force process change.

Business process management can take different forms. The goal of business process improvement is to optimize current processes on a continual basis. The goal of business process re-engineering is to completely redesign and replace existing processes.

Are you actively managing your business processes?

Are your processes linked to enterprise strategy?

Do your organizational structures and technology investments support your processes?

Are your solutions to business issues resolving the root causes of the issue? Or do the solutions just target the symptoms?

Does your management staff act from a process prospective? Or do they work from a functional perspective?

Do you need to reduce your process cycle time? Cost?

Has growth or other changes stretched your current processes to their limit?

Do you feel you are working harder rather than smarter?

Govan Consulting, LLC can assess your current processes and get you started on process inprovement. We can get you organized, solve existing problems, and improve results. In the process, we transfer knowledge of the techniques to your staff for continuing success after our engagement.

Govan Consulting, LLC provides Planning, Management, Training, Coaching, Mentoring, and Presentations for Business Process Management. Included in the areas covered are:

Process Improvement Strategies
Process Design & Re-engineering


Benefits To Your Business

  • Your processes, organizational structures, and technology investments will be aligned with your business direction.
  • You will gain better control of your business.
  • You will increase control of process cost, time, and quality.
  • You will view business issues from a process perspective to find solutions to root causes rather than symptoms.
  • You will have an action plan for continuous process improvement.


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