Vendor Selection

The selection of new products and services to help your business stay competitive can be a daunting task. The identification, selection, and integration of your ideal suppliers requires planning and guided execution to assure a successful and positive result.

Are you planning to automate or outsource a business process or function?

Are you considering alternative suppliers for your supplies, raw materials, or outsourced services?

Are your business systems keeping up with your growth?

Are your business systems growing too expensive to maintain?

Does a lack of information integration or accessibility hinder your business?

Not sure where to find the ideal solution to your needs?

Are you unable to dedicate critical staff to the tasks of selection, procurement, and implementation?

Govan Consulting, LLC can help you get the right tools and services in place. We can quickly assess your sourcing needs, identify business requirements, provide the information and choices you need to make an informed selection decision, and manage the procurement and implementation processes. In the process, we transfer knowledge of the techniques to your staff for continuing success after our engagement.

Most importantly, Govan Consulting is vendor independent. That allows us to objectively recommend your ideal solution choices after we assess your situation, needs, and goals.

Govan Consulting, LLC provides Planning, Management, Training, Coaching, Mentoring, and Presentations for Vendor Selection. Included in the areas covered are:

Requirements Definition
Product Sourcing
Selection Facilitation and Negotiations
Implementation and Deployment Management


Benefits to Your Business

  • Your sourcing needs will be met with a minimal amount of disruption to your operations.
  • Our vendor selection process will provide you with the best available choice for your requirements at the best possible investment point.
  • The acquisition and deployment of new products or services will be fully planned and executed without taking critical management from their primary focus on operations.

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