Merger & Acquisition Integration

Growth through merger & acquisition activity is a well-accepted strategy in business. It creates the necessity for a multitude of decisions, activity, and change in the business as it brings together multiple business models, information models, policies and processes, organizational structures, and technology investments.

Have all aspects of your merger or acquisition been assessed sufficiently beyond due diligence to make integration decisions?

Do you have an integrated plan for the integration of all aspects of the merger or acquisition?

Do you have the management talent available to execute an enterprise wide integration plan with minimal disruption to operations?

Are you planning on multiple M&A activity where a defined process would simplify and speed integration efforts?

Govan Consulting, LLC can help you splice the two as one to create a stronger whole. We can get you organized, provide the information you need to make integration decisions, and develop strategies to speed and simplify the integration process. We approach merger & acquisition integration through a combination of business analysis, change management, and project management methods. For businesses that have made M&A activity part of their business plan, we can develop integrated, repeatable processes and provide assistance in the integration process. For businesses new to M&A activity, we can also provide guidance in the integration process. In the process, we transfer knowledge of the techniques to your staff for continuing success after our engagement.

Govan Consulting, LLC provides Planning, Management, Training, Coaching, Mentoring, and Presentations for Merger & Acquisition Integration. Included in the areas covered are:

Integration Strategies
Risk Management
Integration Management

Benefits to Your Business

  • You will have clear and objective information from which to make integration decisions.
  • Your integration efforts will be completed with less business risk.
  • Your integration will be organized, managed, and executed cross-functionally, resulting in better communications and results.
  • Your management staff can continue to focus primarily on running the business while the integration is underway.


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