Govan Consulting: By land or by sea…a navigator sets the course

WEST CHESTER, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 14, 2002--What is a navigator? Webster's explains it this way: One skilled or employed in plotting the course for a ship or aircraft; an explorer. Bruce Govan of Govan Consulting sees it this way, "You are responsible for setting a course of action for the safe (successful) and timely arrival of the vessel (business) and its crew (team) at a pre-determined destination in spite of natural or man made obstacles, even if visibility is low."

Bruce liked sailing almost immediately upon setting foot onto his Sunfish, at the impressionable age of twelve. His sailing career would eventually lead him to Commodore of The Philadelphia Sailing Club, a position he held for two years. "The ocean is such an immense body of water, that I felt completely empowered just to be able to keep on top of it and not be consumed by it," says Bruce. Sounds a lot like today's business climate, doesn't it? Bruce thought so too.

If nothing in life is a coincidence, then the fact that Bruce chose consulting as his business and sailing as his pleasure, were in perfect symmetry. "When you think about it, sailing, and navigating other people through the business environment really do have a lot in common," says Bruce. "It takes a special skill of the ship's commander to access the weather/climate, monitor the crew/passengers and deliver them safely at a destination that will have yielded them a positive experience for their trouble."

Bruce says that too many people get caught up in the rhetoric and linguistics that make up the management consulting field. "I've seen resumes seven pages long, filled with acronyms, percentages and corporate buzz words," says Bruce. "But in reality, what does all of that mean? I'd like to think that I offer people/corporations a simple, straightforward approach through this corporate quagmire. I help businesses to help their employees and in doing so, the business profits from the experience (both literally and figuratively)."

Thought of another way, "I help them navigate though what seems to be rough waters. But with a good navigator, especially one who has charted these waters before, the answers are apparent and land is closer than they think." Contact Bruce: 610-429-4490 or

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