"Captain of Both the High Seas and of Business" - Profile of a Leader

WEST CHESTER, PA - June 10, 2003 -- Bruce Govan, founder and principal of Govan Consulting, LLC, was highlighted in the People Department of the Summer 2003 issue of Chester County Town and Country Living Magazine. The publication describes itself as "a celebration of Chester County style that graciously blends the old with the new."

In the article entitled "Steady as You Go", Jan Feigner captured Mr. Govan's growth and passion in sailing, teaching, and helping businesses succeed. The author followed Govan's childhood start in sailing through to starting his own company and teaching management courses at Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies. An underlying need to make a positive difference and an independent style drove Govan to progress in sailing to the position of captain, and in business to the creation of his own company. His desire to share knowledge lead him to teach both sailing and business topics.

The author described his Management Navigation(SM) services as programs that "steer management personnel through rough corporate waters with an easy, step-by-step approach that allows clients to visualize then reach their goals without being overwhelmed by the overall process. Like a ship's navigator, he sets the course using strengths and resources, sails through actionable steps while identifying risks, and docks at the company's destination. His agenda could be called a veritable port in the competitive business world storm." Contact Bruce: 610-429-4490 or bgovan@govanconsulting.com

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