"Every moment spent in planning saves three or four in execution."
-- Crawford Greenwalt, former president, E. I. du Pont de Nemours

Navigation is defined as setting and directing a safe and efficient course to a desired destination. Govan Consulting, LLC provides Management Navigation to help you and your business successfully reach goals you have set to optimize your operations..

All businesses face turbulent water in challenges that are ideally resolved with help from outside the organization. Whether it is a short term need for assistance, the introduction of new ideas, or just a "reality check" assessment, Govan Consulting, LLC can provide you with the help you need to plot a course and steer your business to continuing growth and success.

As captain of your ship, you must make many directional decisions. Access to a knowledgeable navigator who is solely focused your destination and goals provides a comfort level that cannot be found elsewhere, whatever the conditions. We work closely with your business to assure positive results and customer satisfaction through practical solutions. We strive to provide the necessary knowledge for your business to carry the success forward after our engagement.

Services are delivered as custom solutions to best fit the needs of your business and are available on a project or retainer basis.

There are distinct stages to every voyage, just as there are in business. And in those stages are areas where Management Navigation will make your voyage easier and more successful.


Setting Your Course

General Management Consulting
Counseling Captains of Industry to Provide a Confident Voyage

Business owners often find themselves very much alone when they seek objective advice. There is no end of advice from those who hope to benefit from the outcome of their "guidance", but how does a business find that truly objective voice that has only your business's benefit in mind? Where advice comes in the form of thoroughly researched alternatives with sufficient information to make an informed business decision and without self-serving recommendations? For an objective approach to your needs - From Advisory Services to Single Point Solutions, see General Consulting.


Strategic Planning
Plotting an Efficient Course to Safely Reach Your Destination

Long range planning can seem beyond the need of many businesses, but without it, progress is difficult to measure and short-term missteps can be costly. Business planning is not an exercise undertaken once a year for its own sake and set aside until the exercise begins again next year. A living business plan and its associated strategic and tactical plans provide direction that guides resource investment and equips the business with a means of measuring progress. For practical planning assistance that help businesses get From Vision to Measurable Action, see Strategic Planning.


Outfitting Your Ship

Vendor Selection
Getting the Right Gear Onboard to Ease the voyage

You find a need or recognize an opportunity to automate or outsource a business activity. How do you identify the best product/service and value for your needs? Once acquired, how do you assure its successful use in your business? These are the questions that every business asks when sourcing new products and services. Defining business requirements, needs, and goals, assessing impact and risks, identifying potential suppliers and selecting the best choice, planning for deployment and managing the process takes considerable effort. There are times that a little extra help in these areas assure success with minimal disruption. For practical help in a full range of automation needs - From Assessment to Implementation and Deployment Management , see Business Systems.

Gaining knowledge, inspiration, and motivation for your voyage

You find a need or recognize an opportunity to add knowledge or gain a new perspective on a subject. What better way than to have a speaker provide you with a custom message presented at your convenience and location. For keynotes, seminars, and presentations tailored for your needs- On subjects covering the full range of our services, see Speaking.

Strengthening your ship and crew through learning

You find a need or recognize an opportunity to add or reinforce knowledge, or gain a new perspective on a subject that goes beyond what is feasible in a single presentation. Training that is tailored to your unique needs. Investing in the development of your most important asset - your people, pay back handsomely. What better way than to have customized training provided for your business at your convenience and location. For training, seminars, and workshops tailored for your needs- On subjects covering the full range of our services, see Training.


Mid Course Corrections

Business Process Management
Tuning the Sails and Rigging to Speed the voyage

Process management - it seems so dry and academic in nature - hardly the priority of a busy business, right? Yet, the mantra of business has always been to do it cheaper, better, faster. Those goals can only be achieved through organizing your business activities and applying your resources in an optimum manner. That basic management function is process management. It is not a one-time effort, but rather an ongoing effort of questioning whether aspects of the business are optimized and making adjustments to align outcomes with goals. The result is that adjustments and changes are incremental rather than monumental - decreasing business risk. To hear how you can profit from managing your processes better - From Planning and Improvement to Process Design, see Business Process.


Organizational Change Management
Maintaining Momentum While Changing Course

Change - it brings fear to all who approach it. Yet progress comes through change. It is in the nature of us all to be risk adverse, especially when it comes to our business. Yet to grow and improve, calculated risks must be taken. How do you introduce change while assuring success and minimizing business risk? There are several approaches that can satisfy any business situation. To hear how you can improve your business's ability to handle change - From Assessment and Change Strategies to Risk Management, see Organizational Change.


Project/Program Management
Planning the Watch to Improve Crew Performance

Many businesses who are very successful in their ongoing operations have great difficulty in prioritizing and executing projects on time and within budget. That is because there are differing critical success factors between operations and projects. All businesses undertake projects - it only makes sense to know and apply the basics of project management to assure success. To hear how you can improve your projects - From Feasibility to Deployment Management, see Project Management.


Merger and Acquisition Integration
Splicing Two as One to Create a Stronger Whole

It seems like the majority of industries are in consolidation mode these days. There is much fanfare for the event, but how much thought and effort goes into assuring success in putting the businesses together after the ink dries on the deal? This is one of those times that an objective third party is ideally suited to bring the parties together and to make the tough decisions necessary for a successful union. For practical help in successfully moving forward from M&A activity - From Assessment to Integration Management, see Acquisition Integration.



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