"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it."
--Sir Winston Churchill


We offer keynotes, presentations, seminars, and workshops on topics that reflect our business, experience, and philosophy, covering the breadth of our services - general management, process management, organizational change management, project management, and leadership development.

Bruce Govan is engaging, thought provoking, and provides takeaways that can be put into action immediately.

All topics are specifically tailored to your requirements and goals. Topics of general interest can also be provided to meet your needs.

Please contact us with your presentation needs.

Seminars, workshops and training services are available on our Training page.

Example Programs

The Importance of building a Referral Network

Increasing value to your clients

YouTube Video Part I

YouTube Video Part II

Taming the Sales Roller Coaster

Reducing wild swings in your revenue

When "We've always done it that Way" Isn't Working as Well as It Was Understanding risks in organically grown processes and how process management can positively impact your business performance
Successful Project Management: Consistently Critical to Your Company Successful project management brings tangible benefits: organizationally, financially, and competitively
The People Side of Project Management Knowledge and techniques you need to successfully manage the people side of your projects



"Your insight and humor combined with your experience and realism was great for the students to hear. They did learn a lot, and they will realize what it all means when the course is over, and they will say we learned all of that!!! They very much enjoyed your speech." Barbara Kelley, Adjunct Professor, St. Joseph's University, on a presentation to her MBA Managerial Skills class

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