Strategic Planning

"If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else."
- Yogi Berra

Strategic planning, having clearly defined and actionable plans that encompass your company, customers, and competition, is an ongoing effort that starts with your business plan and gives your business its sense of direction. The plans must be current to provide the direction your business needs to grow and succeed. They must be actionable to be managed and measured.

Does your business plan reflect your business direction today? Do you have one?

Do your strategic plans seem to get lost in the heat of daily operations?

Is strategic planning a part of your annual planning cycle?

Do your priority issues reflect your current direction?

Are your visions and strategies actionable and measurable?

Is the feedback you are getting tactical rather than strategic?

Are your strategies linked to short and long-term resource allocation?

Do you have difficulty linking strategy to team and individual goals?

Govan Consulting, LLC can help you plot an efficient course to successfully reach your chosen destination. We can assess your plans in light of current and anticipated conditions, help you to develop planning strategies, and facilitate your planning process. In the process, we transfer knowledge of the techniques to your staff for continuing success after our engagement.

Govan Consulting, LLC provides Planning, Management, Training, Coaching, Mentoring, and Presentations for Strategic Planning. Included in the areas covered are:

Business Plans
Strategic Planning Strategies
Strategic Planning Consultation and Facilitation


Benefits to Your Business

  • Your vision is turned into actions that can be measured and managed.
  • You will gain a broader perspective and greater control over the direction of your business.
  • Your long-term plans do not get lost in the stress of daily operations.
  • Tactical activity and resource allocation will be viewed within the context of the strategic plan.
  • Strategic planning becomes an integral part of your annual planning cycle.

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