"Learning is not compulsory... neither is survival."
W. Edwards Deming

To remain successful, your business must be continually learning - about itself, its markets, its competition, and its customers. It is the successful business that invests in its truly most important asset - its people. When hiring, a premium can be paid up front for skill sets that are needed. Whether loyalty and commitment can be bought is debatable. More importantly, that initial premium is only good for the shelf-life of the specific skill sets. Alternatively, talented individuals that have the motivation and drive for learning can be hired for a more reasonable entry price. Here, the premium is paid in the professional development offered. The resulting payback is enhanced several times over by staff who recognize and appreciate your investment in them. The same happens in your continuing development of current staff - which is worth even more without the acquisition costs.

Training provides the learning necessary to continually refresh your business in current practices that prepare you for your future.

Do you need to intoduce new knowledge, perspectives, or ideas?

Do you need to reinforce or update knowledge areas for individuals or groups?

Do you need to develop existing or new members of your management team?

Do you desire a training program tailored to your unique situation?

Do you need training to compliment a larger program of change?

Govan Consulting, LLC can provide and deliver customized training for your needs to assure a confident voyage to your chosen destination. We listen to you and provide tailored presenations, seminars, workshops, or full training programs to fit your needs. It's your business - we provide you with knowledge you need to run it successfully.

Govan Consulting, LLC provides training services to help develop the knowledgable and productive team you need to succeed. The subject areas span our services:

Strategic planning
Process Management and Improvement
Organizational Change Management
Project Management
Leadership Development

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Benefits to Your Business

  • You will have training provided that meets your requirements and unique circumstances.
  • You will have a follow up meeting to ascertain success of the training over time.
  • An assessment of your training needs will identify what is really required to make the difference you desire.


"You made the experience interesting and fun, the insights of someone dealing with the problems and issues of project management daily is woth the price of admission alone. I wouldn't hesitate taking another course you were teaching. Thanks for a job well done." John Perchalski, Project Manager, AmerisourceBergen

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